About Me


16665153_10207895430854201_2650174855859732780_oI’m Kim, and I dread introductory exercises more than anything (so stick with me!).

My main goal through my writing is to break down the stigma of being ashamed of battling mental health issues. After several years of therapy and emotional rollercoasters, I was finally diagnosed with bipolar II in the spring of 2017. I might keep other parts of my life more private, but when it comes to mental health, I feel like the best way for me to both help others and understand my own story is to be vocal about it.

I got remarried in October of 2016 to a sailor in the Navy who would probably still be more comfortable with a mohawk and his leather jacket while playing music on a street corner. We didn’t waste much time and are now expecting our surprise first child in September. As our journey in the Navy progresses, I want to start writing more about how we’ve been able to blend that identity into our lives. Other themes I’m trying to incorporate more into this website include adoption, relationships, and adding the role of “mom” into my already messy life.

I don’t do very well with the concept of settling down and being content with where I am- instead, I enjoy pushing myself to grow and experience new places and ideas. I’m a firm believer that everyone has something to teach the world, and there’s nothing I treasure more than conversations that can add to my worldview.

Foster 2016 -12

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