This Land is My Land

I’ve never really experienced homesickness before. Granted, I’ve never lived out of the country for over five months, but I also don’t have much for me back in the states. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have anything at home for me, because there are a few people I wish I could see on a regular basis more than anything, but for the most part, I’m overjoyed to be living in another country. However, the holiday that is approaching tomorrow is making me wish I could just be back in the states for one day.

Funny enough, this is my second Independence Day spent in Germany. It was nine years ago, and I was over here for three weeks with a church youth group. On this day, the hosts that we were staying with organized a small “American” party for us complete with popcorn and National Treasure (because nothing is more American than a little Nick Cage). I think the difference is that nine years ago, I was with a large group of friends I had known for years and we were all in the same boat. This time, I’m not the lone American, but there aren’t as many of us, and I’ve been here for a lot longer than my previous trip.

When it boils down to it, I think it’s more of the feeling I get around this time of year that I miss more than my actual home country. I miss the patriotism, the sense of pride, the flags absolutely everywhere. I miss everyone grilling out, wearing red, white, and blue, and just being surrounded by friends or family. Most of all, I miss the fireworks.  I know it’s probably a silly thing to miss out of all the possible things to miss, but I’ve always loved the 4th of July fireworks and what they symbolize. The lyrics of our national anthem were written during a battle in the early days of America and were inspired by a flag that continued to fly throughout the gunfire and bombings that took place overnight. The fireworks are a symbol of that consistency and strength, which I just rather beautiful.

Homesickness is something that I may figure out better words for at a later date. I’ve been avoiding blogging lately because I just can’t seem to find the voice I want through a computer anymore, but I know that just writing something is better than nothing. Thankfully, there aren’t too many readers yet, so hopefully you’ll be nice and stick with me through this little slow patch while I get my typing voice back.

If you need me tomorrow, find the biggest fireworks display in the area and you’ll find me on the grass with my camera, gazing up at the sky in wonder.


listening to: Paul Sammons

2 thoughts on “This Land is My Land

  1. You’ve got me sticking with you!! I’ve been a silent reader but I’m here in Georgia cheering you on & feeling so very proud of you my sweet friend! Enjoy that big ol’ fireworks display…hope there’s an extra big and bright red, white and blue one for you! XOXO

  2. (I think my original comment disappeared!) You’ve got me sticking with you Kim! I’m in Georgia following along… being so proud of you and cheering you on in your journey. Enjoy the fireworks! I hope there’s an extra bright and big red, white and blue one JUST for you! So happy you’re happy!

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