Tiny Ring Adventures: Paris, part 1

Eiffel Tower

I am currently in Paris and visiting as many sights as I can in the 3.5 days I have here. If you’re on my Tumblr or Instagram, you may have noticed a new (and probably a little strange) photo series popping up, so I thought I would take a chance to explain it a bit while I’m taking a short break in the middle of my day.


#tinyringadventures was inspired by this ring that the little girl I au pair for gave me. Whenever you watch children, you find tiny reminders of them absolutely everywhere. I discovered this ring in a pocket of my bag when I was unpacking in my room my first night in Paris. Tiny Girl is obsessed with photos, and when I go anywhere without her, I constantly get questions about where I’m going. I thought this would be a fun way to catalog those adventures and maybe eventually create a small photo album for her.


As I’m starting to feel more and more like part of the family I work for, I fully intend on continuing this photo series even after my following year is completed as a way to stay in contact with them.

Hall of Mirrors in Versailles
Hall of Mirrors in Versailles

My Tumblr and Instagram just have the ring photos, but as I want to create memories of my travels, I’ll be including an in-focus photo of the location behind the ring in my blog posts. This makes the adventures fully about the sights and experiences of the traveling, which in my opinion is one of the most important parts of any trip

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